Why Fense ?

Why u should always use fense ?

  • Getting Started

    1. What is Fense ?

    it is a Great service that offers a great way to prevent proxies/vpn/tor and all other bad traffic from accessing your website

    2. Why u always should use Fense ?

    Total Guard protects your site from harmful and useless visits, protects your ads and increases revenue.

    3. Can Fense protect my ads ?

    Let me explain to you what causes advertising companies to close your account as a publisher All advertising companies can see all the visits that come to their ad units, including your ad units. And let me tell you a secret. They rank the site's quality and relevance by the quality of its visits and what makes your visits quality low is the high precentage of proxy/vpn/tor in your total monthly visits

    4. What makes advertising companies classify your site visit as good or bad ?

    Good visit: Means that user ip is good he is not changing anything or using any program or app to do it , Bad visit: User uses an app or program to hide his original ip But with Fense plugin you can now rest and let plugin do the hard work for you and watch your site grow fast without a single proxy visit.

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